About Dee's Dish

We are a small health conscious food source. We offer home cooked, healthy nutritious meals delivered to your home or office.
Our meals are never frozen. They are prepared for you the day before delivery.

We are a unique food service, offering healthy nutritious meals for all your needs.

Dee's Dish is not your run of the mill prepared food company. We do not have a shopping cart because our meals are never prepared ahead of time and frozen, they are all custom ordered to your needs.

We will sit with you to discuss your likes and dislikes, if you have any health issues, if you're on any medication, if your're looking to lose weight or simply want a healthier, nutritious, and delicious meal.

We use the finest ingredients in all our meal plans. Cold pressed olive oil and spices from the Mediterranean. All produce used is always in season and organic when available and always from the U.S.A. All fish is wild caught from U.S.A or Mediterranean. Meats used are USDA and of the finest cuts; even the eggs we use are only RANGE FREE.